I Am the Mountain layers brass and string accents beneath the loving vocal delivery of songwriter, Colton O’Reilly. With a freshly introduced songbook of laid-back sounds from Western Canada’s lake country, this collective’s rotating cast of young musicians breathe friendship into every room, or campfire they grace.
Welcome to the West

Colton graduated from the University of Calgary and now holds two degrees, one in Communications & Culture and the other is in Education. He is an Elementary Music specialist and dreams of teaching a grade 4 class full of brilliant eager minds. Colton is the lyricist and pulls meaning in from aspects of his life like family, emotion and the intricate experience in our lives.
Keath is finishing his schooling at the University of Calgary as a Performance major, on his Shimmering Trumpet, in the music department. He plans on becoming a junior high band teacher and is an aspiring musician at heart. Keath has played in many incredible projects across the city including the CYO, Stampede Showband, Ta Poketa Poketa, Evan Freeman, Natural 20, and many many more. . . We’re so lucky to have him!
Jesse is an incredibly talented bassist and is the open hearted friend everyone needs in their band and in their life, we should only be so lucky to know such a man. He warms us with his soul, his voice, his banjo maneuvers and his other incredible project Rosalind check them out, they’re awesome.
Robin is not just the beats the hold us down, but the life blood flowing through us all in every practice and live show we play. We are so lucky to have his creativity and talent pouring into these songs, mixed with his stoic demeanour and mysteriousness Robin is a truly fascinating human and he is I Am The Mountain’s final piece – Our Drummer!